Leather strop (leather + polishing paste)

€ 28.00

Leather stropping is a technique which is commonly used on straight razor blades. Since these blades are very thin it's not possible to constantly sharpen then on polishing stones because this would remove too much steel.?

The idea behind stropping is that there are almost no steel particles removed (as with sharpening) but merely re-aligned. The blade will require a certain sharpness but the advantage is that it will be razor sharp within 30 minutes!

This is not a traditional Japanese sharpening method but with modern forged swords - especially in preparation for tameshigiri - it's a great, cheap and easy way to quickly get that razor edge.

Since the leather itself will not remove any material you can apply polishing paste to the leather (just rub it in). With this the leather will become slightly abrassive which just can give it that extra sharpness where needed. Do note that this process will remove the microscopic jagged edges from the cutting edge.

The polishing compound is a bit like chalk but is a little bit greasier. It's used by jewelers to get that extra shine on metals.

Both sides of the leather can be used. The rough suede side will have more friction but the slick top side will give more control and a finer abrassive effect.

Offered are two pieces of leather and two different stropping compounds.


Width63 ~ 65 mm


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