Authentic WW2 Shingunto - mumei

€ 1,600.00

This is a so-called last generation 98 type gunto which is easily recognized by it's brass fittings and leather fukuro saya cover.
Originally, the Type 98 gunto are made from 1938 up to 1943. However, as the blade is unsigned and does not have any seki stamps, this just may be a blade that is much older than WW2.

Things to support that claim are the strong gunome midare hamon, the reasonably good hadori polish with well executed kissaki.

As this blade has lost it's original seppa spacers, I believe that the tsuba may be a cast replica. However, the blade is much more interesting that the gunto mounts it currently resides in. This sword is worth remounting into katana koshirae and will make an excellent, low cost training swords.


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