Bujutsu Densho

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Whether you are a follower of a classical koryu kobudo ryu-ha or a (relatively) modern aikido school, you\'ll eventually start to wonder how the school\'s knowledge has been transmitted over the years, decades or even centuries.

The lineage of some Japanese martial arts schools date back more than a thousand years and the reason we know this is the existing documentation of their techniques, school history and organisations, their members, licenses and of course, break-ups and merges.

To sum it all up: the key to the survival of many Japanese arts is the use of \'Densho\'.
Note that the term Densho does not say anything about its format so a napkin with some scribbles on it can be considered a densho (as a matter of speaking of course :)).

\"Bujutsu Densho: Exploring the written tradition of Japan\'s Martial Arts Culture\" will release February 2013 and will take the reader on a journey through the art of the written documentation of Japanese warrior arts.

Subjects as the ryu-ha lineages, licenses, their physical appearances and formats as well as secret messaging and encryption will be discussed in this most promising 136 page counting book. \'Bujutsu Densho\' features 32 full color pages containing images of emakimono (picture scrolls but not to be mistaken with kakemono :)).

The author\'s previous books can be seen as documentation on an academic level for enthusiasts and I\'m very well aware that the contents aren\'t suitable for everybody. However for folks like me, it\'s another piece of the Rosetta stone towards the Japanese samurai culture.


AuthorSerge Mol
Dimensions280 x 200 mm
Book formatPaperback


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