Invisible Armor

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INVISIBLE ARMOR: An Introduction to the Esoteric Dimension of Japan\'s Classical Warrior Arts

There are a lot of books available on the subject of Japanese martial arts, weapons, strategies and philosophies. A subject which may have been the most important but is left out is the spirituality of these famous warriors.

How did these warriors prepare for battle? What was their mental state?
What was Oda Nobunaga thinking when going to war in which he could impossibly could come out victorious? What are the origins of the courage and honor that have become the samurai\'s trademark?

\'Invisible Armor\' is the first book available in the Western language regarding the spirituality and esotericism of the Japanese warriors. Numerous warrior traditions and rituals are explained in a special way clarified with many antique scrolls and art objects from the personal collection of the author.

About the author:
Serge Mol is the author of the critically acclaimed \'Classical Fighting Arts of Japan: A Complete Guide To Kory? J?jutsu\' and the only Western student of Enshin Ry? to receive the license of Mekyo Kaiden for Iai, Suemonogiri, Kenp? and Yawara. In the ryuha of Hoki Ry? J?utsu Mol has received the menkyo license.

Mol has lived in Japan for several years where he has trained directly under Tanaka Fumon and Nakashima Atsumi. The personal relationship of the author with several grandmasters and the exclusive use of authentic and untranslated material make the work of Serge Mol of an excellent unsurpassed quality.


AuthorSerge Mol
Dimensions190 mm x 265 mm
Weight604 gr
Book formatHardcover
ISBN978-90-8133610-9 (ISBN-13)


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