Takeda Shinobi Hiden

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In this unique volume, Serge Mol introduces the reader to the fascinating world of intelligence gathering and covert operations of Japan's great 16th century warlord Takeda Shingen.


That Shingen controlled an impressive and highly performant intelligence is no secret. However, so far, little factual information has been available on how Shingen's network operated, or which methods it used. With access to hitherto unavailable and unresearched materials, Serge Mol, for the first time ever, discloses the secret teachings and principles of the ninja or shinobi that served Takeda Shingen. These teachings and principles became the cornerstone of a virtually unknown shinobi tradition which was carefully preserved and kept hidden of descendants of the very families that once faithfully served Shingen.


Takeda Shinobi Hiden is richly illustrated with over 100 carefully selected photographics of the secret manuscripts of the Takeda shinobi tradition.

To make the information more accessible to the modern reader, Mol also includes multiple accounts of actions of Takeda Shingen's shinobi as found in acient chronicles.


Since the core information presented in this work is based on documents that have never been made public before, this work will provide the reader a fresh insight into the world of the 16th century ninja, but also into the mindset of Takeda Shingen.


AuthorSerge Mol
Dimensions190 mm x 265 mm
Weight680 g
Book formatHard cover


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