Gekken - foam padded katana

€ 35.00
€ 18.00

Gekken - foam padded swords are the modern variant of the fukuro (sleeved) shinai and are sometimes used in swordsmanship training to gain more experience in how actual duels happen.

Unlike wooden bokken or bamboo shinai, these padded weapons will not cause injury upon impact which allows training without bogu. This is a big difference compared to kendo as the kenjutsuka can move much more swift, performing parries and target vital organs as is trained in the traditional bujutsu.

Unlike Western martial arts, authentic samurai bujutsu does not know competitive of point based training variant. However that does not mean that even the most traditionalist swordsmen don't have a lighter side.

After all, a bow cannot stay strung always :) Have fun and train safe!

Note: It is forbidden by law to bring even a bokken in a public place (such as the park) as they can inflict severe damage and are considered weapons. These padded foam swords have a pvc core which renders them rather useless when it comes to inflicting injuries. Therefore they can be brought outside to train in the park. Please do behave responsible as you would inside of the dojo. We cannot be held responsible for your actions and their consequences. :)


Lengthblade: 76 cm / handle 25 cm
Weight450 g


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