Genuine rayskin samegawa wallet

€ 36.00
€ 30.00

Having such a wallet for years, it felt time to let you share in the fun. Now you have a genuine samegawa rayskin wallet too. Perfect for the modern samurai ;)

These wallets are made with genuine stingray and cow leather and are guaranteed to last quite a while. As you may know, string ray is an incredibly tough material which is used to secure the two halves of a Japanese sword handle. Also the material was traditionally used as an ancient repair method for saya.

This wallet model has the following features:
- 2-sided ID compartment (flap)
- 6 credit card sized comparments
- 2 compartments for bills
- 2 hidden compartments (behind the card slots)
- 1 quick compartment on the outside

Needless to say, the supplier is CITES certified with ensures the products aren't made endangered species. 


Width110 mm (closed)
Height85 mm
MaterialCow & stingray leather (CITES Cert.)


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