Higo no kami pocket knife

€ 15.00

in 1896, a knife that would later become widely known as the Higonokami became immensely popular in Japan. These wonderful yet simple little knives are amazingly useful and razor sharp featuring a quality of steel that you just dont see in todays affordable knives.

These particular knives were largely influenced by a design brought back from the Kyushu province. There were some changes made to the design of this knife to make it more practical to use and the name "Higonokami" was trademarked several years later alongside the creation of the knifemakers guild. It was immediately taken up by children and workmen alike as the "go to" pocket knife of convenience, and although since the 1960's, Japanese law has prohibited the carrying of knives above 6cm in length, this has only served to increase production of these knives under this designated length.


Length75 mm blade


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