T-shirt - Monkey Samurai

€ 20.00
€ 10.00

Now in discount, the last S size shirts!

We're very proud to announce to you the new original Samurai Workshop t-shirt. Previously we only made them in a limited batch for our many friends in the martial arts and sword crafting community. This time also you can own one too!

The main thought behind this t-shirt is the Japanese saying:

      Saru mo ki kara ochiru
      Even monkeys fall from trees

This phrase explains that you should not become arrogant or cocky because ... well, even monkeys will fall down every once in a while :)

As a sword craftsman, I've learned that growth is only possible by listening to others and that 'the best' is merely an arrogant state of mind. We believe that humbleness is the only legitimate mindset, regardless of what you are trying to do.

The phrase is written in kanji on the maedate of the kabuto. While the rest of the world will just see a cool samurai monkey, you will know it's meaning!

The comfy and stylish t-shirt with high quality silk-screen print is available in the sizes S/M/L/XL and in the color midnight blue.


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