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Bamboo Take (black)

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The 'Bamboo Take' katana prides itself by a very good balance and excellent koshirae. The weight is around 950 grams which make this sword an excellent choice for advanced iai practice.

The used take (=bamboo) fittings are in Satsuma style ( which you can recognise by the high (almost handachi-like) fuchi. Also Satsuma koshirae is often slightly larger than higo or tensho koshirae. This also affects the shape of the tsuka. Satsuma koshirae often have a larger and more straight tsuka shape (imogata shape).


Sword typeKatana shinken (sharp)
Steel harding typeDifferential clay hardened (water)
Steel typeAISI 1095
TsubaIJzer, Take / bamboe thema
Fuchi / kashiraMessing, Take / bamboe thema
Mekugi (bamboo safety pin)2x
Tsuka-itoJapans silk
Sageo (cord around sheath)Japanese rayon silk
Koiguchi / koijiriBuffalo horn
Nagasa length74.2 cm
Motohaba33 mm
Sakihaba26 mm
Tsuka length25 cm
Saya typeHalf senden saya (rattan wrap)


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