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Gawamaki Higo Musashi katana bo-hi 2.5 shaku

€ 1,375.00


There is not a lot we can say about the Musashi theme that has not already been told. In short, it's truly a classic design and the pictures explain why.

The Gawamaki Higo Musashi is an unique, hand forged, polished and mounted katana designed for iai practice. This specific sword design was inspired by the original sword made in Higo province. A tapered ergonomic handle with rounded kashira are typical higo type of koshirae.
The sword theme has been minimalized through using only black, white and silver which really makes this a modern interpretation of a famous sword koshirae.

The tsuba is most known due to it's famous user; the legendary Miyamoto Musashi. Very often the tsuba is incorrectly referred to as the Musashi tsuba, the actual term for the two joined ovals is namako and is a symbolic depiction of two sea cucumbers. Yes, you've read that correct: sea cucumbers :)

With the 2.5 shaku nagasa length and the low weight of 925g, the sword might just be the perfect sword for the advanced iai practitioner.

Other features of this beautifil Japanese sword are the use of kuro tsuka-gawa (black leather wrap) in hineri maki style, a black ishime (stone) pattern saya and a gorgeous midare (irregular) genuine hamon finished in kesho hadori polish.


Sword typeKatana shinken (sharp)
Steel harding typeDifferential clay hardened (water)
Steel typeT10
PolishKeshi hadori
Blade geometryShinogi zukuri
Bo-hi typeSingle
TsubaSteel namako musashi
Fuchi / kashiraSteel Higo
MenukiSilver shishi
Mekugi (bamboo safety pin)2x
Sageo (cord around sheath)Japanese rayon silk
Samegawa (Ray skin)White
Koiguchi / koijiriBuffalo horn
Nagasa length2.5 shaku (75.5 cm)
Tsuka length27 cm
Weight (without saya)925g
Saya typeBlack matte kuro-ishime


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