Maru gata tsuba 'Sakura' daisho set

€ 225.00

Steel tsuba daisho set for katana and wakizashi, hand-made by Tom Takahashi. The set is made in round maru gata shape and has a cherry blossom / sakura theme. As most traditionally made tsuba, also this sakura daisho set is equipped with copper sekigane. These inlays in the nakago-ana allow mounting on a sword blade without scratching the nakago.

The cherry blossom holds a special place in Japanese culture. Several kamon (family crests) use the sakura and you'll see it on many daily objects including lacquer ware and clothing. Also the sakura is a very common theme in calligraphy art, wood block art and (horimomo) tattoos.

Due to the very limited time these beautiful flowers are in bloom, the sakura symbolizes mortality - or enjoying each moment while it lasts.

Material: steel
Tsuba shape: Maru gata
Katana tsuba diameter: 80 mm
Katana tsuba thickness: 5 mm
Wakizashi tsuba diameter: 70 mm
Wakizashi tsuba thickness: 5 mm


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