Honoki wood blank for wakizashi tsuka

€ 15.00

When making the wooden shitaji (core woodwork) for a Japanese sword, it's easy to consider materials that are readily available in your neighbourhood. However, nothing could be further from the truth =)

Japanese honoki has been chosen as the ideal material for centuries and this is for many reasons. It has a dense but fine grain and is easy to carve with manual tools. The magnolia wood is resin and acid free and very resilient again moist and water. Light and flexible but still strong enough to withstand the stress of repeated drawing and sheathing.

Sound good right? Important to know is that ancient Japan knew many wood species (oak, pine, maple etc) but still chose this type of wood for their precious swords.

However, the most important factor for craftsmen is that the wood is amazing to work with and unlike any other wood type that is found in the west.

The blanks are approx 170mm and around 40mm wide, perfect for making a wakizashi or tanto tsuka.


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