Honoki wood for katana

€ 45.00

Out of stock, new wood expected in Sept 2016

The traditional Japanese wood used for handles and scabbards is called honoki. Being a part of the magnolia family, honoki is considered a hardwood.
There are several reasons why ancient Japanese craftsmen chose honoki as the ideal scabbard wood.
First is that the softness of the material won't easily scratch the blade and easy to carve, plane and file into shape.
Second is that honoki contains no acids or resin which can oxidize the steel.
Lastly, honoki is an incredibly stable wood and very water resistant. It virtually has no warping over time, even when exposed to humidity.

This precut and split blank is 107 cm x 4.5 cm x 1.8 cm and has a curve of 4 cm. Depending on the length of your intended tsuka it should be enough for both tsuka and saya.


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