Mekugi bamboo pin

€ 4.00

Mekugi are small bamboo pegs that secure the sword blade into the tsuka (handle). As the mekugi is the last resort when it comes to safety, it's very important to regularly check these before your training.

Not all bamboo species are suitable for mekugi work and especially chopsticks are not a suitable replacement for the smoked and aged susudake bamboo.
Susudake is essentially Phyllostachys bambusoides which is one of the largest bamboo species in the world that grows up to 15 meters and can get a wall thickness of around 15mm.

This bamboo mekugi is 65mm long and tapers down from 6mm diameter to 3mm. This makes it very easy to fit them to your unique sword handle.
Adjustment of the mekugi is be done with a wood file.

After shaping, you can try out this shiage polishing process. This is common practice among sword craftsmen to give the mekugi a beautiful appearance.

Round the top of the mekugi by using a small yasuri (file). Then you can use fine sand paper (400grit minimum) to smooth the surface. Finally you rub the head of the mekugi over a small piece of leather (optionally moistened with a drop of oil). This burnishes the top, giving it a good 'ol shine. The oil will also saturate the fibers of the bamboo which will then become a bit darker.


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