Wood for Japanese sword handle tsuka

€ 16.00

- Product will be replaced with honoki wood tsuka blanks -

The handle of a Japanese sword is traditionally carved from a very specific wood called honoki. This is a Japanese native wood species which makes it rather difficult to obtain and high in price due to the additional shipping costs.

Bass wood is a soft, resin free alternative which is definitely comparable to honoki wood. While it's used nowadays for wood carving and making guitar bodies, basswood was the wood choice of the Vikings to make shields as the wood is light and strong.

The tsuka blanks are 15 mm thick and have a width of 50mm whereas the average fuchi width is around 38 - 40mm. This give you enough room to add tapering and curve to your sword handle.

The tsuka blanks are available in two lengths, 30 and 35 mm. If you need another custom length, please contact us. Offered are two board in the length as chosen in the options field.


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