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Batto Gyaku katana Mokko (Black)

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The Batto Shinken collection consists of swords without bo-hi (groove to lighten the blade) specifically designed for Japanese swordsmanship arts. They were carefully tailored to fit the unique needs of iaido, iaijutsu & kenjutsu students (the weight for example). Because of this the Batto 2013 collection is completely different than any other low cost training sword available.

The geometry of the Batto shinken was inspired by a 500 year old Koto mumei (unsigned) katana which I encountered a long time ago. That sword featured a suberb balance, unlike anything I've felt before.
Needless to say you wouldn't use this antique artifact for tameshigiri or suemonogiri but it was very clear that it would make an excellent cutting sword.

Putting all puzzle pieces together we came up with the idea of creating a dojo sword which would feel like an old sword; Stiff, light, short, completely different than what's available in the market.

With such a sword it should be possible to train iai with a no-hi sword. Light tameshigiri on beach mats and omote mats. Single handed cuts could be performed a lot easier with very little chance of over-training or muscle injuries.

A small list of features:
- Koto geometry with excellent balance
- Low weight, +/- 1000 grams
- around 2.35 - 2.4 shaku (71-72 cm)
- Imported high quality Japanese cotton tsuka-ito (handle wrap)
- Hishigami used for tsuka-maki
- Buffalo horn koiguchi (saya mouth)
- Double mekugi with tang extending all the way to the bottom of the tsuka
- Higo (rounded kashira, very comfortable) fittings with karakusa (vine) theme
- Steel tsuba in Musashino, kiku or mokko gata shape


Sword typeKatana shinken (sharp)
Steel harding typeThrough hardened (water)
Steel typeAISI 9260
Sori (curvature)18 mm
TsubaMokko gata
Fuchi / kashiraHigo karakusa
Mekugi (bamboo safety pin)2x
Tsuka-itoJapanese cotton
Koiguchi / koijiriBuffalo horn
Nagasa length2.35 shaku (71-72.5 cm)
Motohaba32.5 mm
Sakihaba23.5 mm
Motokasane5.5 mm
Sakikasane4.5 mm
Tsuka length25 - 26 cm
Weight (without saya)+/- 1000 gr
Saya typeKuroro (black gloss)


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