Handmade koiguchi-kun Saya protection tool

€ 23.50

After extensive drawing and sheathing the sword, the koiguchi will wear out. This will cause the habaki to lose grip on the saya, causing the sword to fall out. Also leaving the sword fully sheathed in the saya for long periods can stretch the koiguchi opening as well. Filling up the saya is a really easy repair but it’s even easier to prevent it from wearing out by using a koiguchi-kun.
A koiguchi-kun is a thin piece of leather padding that prevents the koiguchi from touching the seppa.
It will avoid unnecessary stress on the inner wood of the koiguchi area and prolong a snug fit!

This product is hand-made by the artist of leathertsuba.com and proudly made in the USA ;) A beautiful gift for your friends and/or teacher!

The koiguchi-kun are currently being made, pre-order now!
Expected time of shipping will be medio october.
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