Musashi's Oar Suburito, Japanese white oak

€ 55.00

About the life of Musashi Miyamoto, many stories have been told. One of the most famous stories was his dual with Sasaki Kojir? on the beach of Funajima.

In the last dual of Musashi, the legendary swordsman supposedly used merely a wooden weapon he carved from an oar of the boat that carried him to the island.
There are some claims of possession of this wooden weapon but in fact there has been no evidence that these are actually Musashi's weapon. The exact geometry of the weapon that Musashi used in this duel is actually still a mystery. 

The Musashi's oar suburito is an idea how the bokken could have looked. It's rather heavy and used in martial arts for muscle training.


Length117 cm
MaterialJapanese white oak - shiro kashi
Weight1050 - 1150 gr


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