Plastic saya

€ 20.00
€ 18.00

When first starting your iaido or iaijutsu training, it\'s pretty common to start with a bokken and saya. Despite the blunt edge of iaito, its kissaki (point) still can be very dangerous. A beginners\' technique can also damage the saya, which are quite expensive to repair. With a bokken and saya combo you can train your techniques in a safe way until your have learnt the basics.

Also advanced samurai can benefit from having a bokken and saya in their sword bag. Iaito and shinken (both weapons) are not allowed to be used in public. With a bokken and saya you can train in the park (in a responsible way of course).

The bokken with saya are also used in some jiu-jutsu techniques.

Sageo is not included


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