The Samurai Workshop

The Samurai Workshop is a specialist on modern Japanese swords and supplier of a large assortment regarding the Japanese Swordsmanship arts and sword accessories based in the Netherlands.

Our company offers customization, repairing and restoration of both modern and antique Japanese swords. On a private and business level, we are very active in the Japanese swordsmanship community and have about 20 years of experience in numerous martial arts. According to our many clients, the advice given is thorough and reliable.

With the knowledge, experience and passion 'The Samurai Workshop' shows the earned respect and honor to the sword and the swordsmanship arts.

Since the foundation in 2008, the Samurai Workshop has become a familiar face in the world of the Japanese Swordmanship arts. Through a very active sword blog on facebook and articles about martial arts, the Japanese sword and the sword craft, the The Samurai Workshop continues to improve the general knowledge about the art.


Those who ever bought 'a first sword' know the difficulties about making the correct choice. So-called 'wall hangers' are offered everywhere without the appropirate information or knowledge.
With larges production companies tradition and authenticity seem to be forgotten and replaced by mass production sword parts and awefully bad finishing.

Through personal advice based on more than 20 years of martial arts experience The Samurai Workshop strives to a higher standard of Japanese style swords. The Samurai Workshop still continues to study historical information and artifacts to improve our level of service.


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