General terms of agreement



1. Definition of parties
2. Application
3. Proper use, common sense and responsibility of the client
4. Product, commission & service offerings
5. Ordering
6. Returns and cancellations
7. Costs in case of returned goods
8. Exceptions to the right of return
9. Deliveries of products and services
10. Payment
11. Complaints & disputes

12. General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP)


1. Definition of parties

The Samurai Workshop VOF
Magerhorst 16
5655EK Eindhoven
The Netherlands


Phone: +31 (0) 40 25 10 113 (Mon/Fri 10.00 - 17.00)
E-mail address:
Chamber of Commerce: 50005804
VAT Identification number: NL822726324B01



2. Application

1) These terms of agreement apply to any offer made by The Samurai Workshop and agreement between The Samurai Workshop and the client.
2) These terms of agreement will be made publicly available. Upon request The Samurai Workshop will supply a digital version of this document.
3) Should there be made additional agreements which contain contradictions with the general terms of agreement, the client is allowed to use the clause that is most beneficial.



3. Proper use, common sense and responsibility of the client

1) Information provided by The Samurai Workshop, by email, phone or through online platforms such as our website and Facebook page is provided as-is. The Samurai Workshop cannot be held responsible for damages, injury or death caused direct or indirect.
2) All products and services are subjected to proper and responsible use. The Samurai Workshop cannot be held responsible
3) The client is responsible to verify the legality and minimum age required to own the products being offered.



4. Product, commission & service offerings

1) The purchase of services and products of The Samurai Workshop can be confirmed by any means of communication including - but not to be limited by - the website's ordering system, written communication including email, phone, personal conversation or through other 3rd party platforms such as social media.
2) The Samurai Workshop will make serious efforts in supplying the client with proper information to inform the client. Where possible, each of the offerings will contain products descriptions, specifications and images to aid the clients in their purchase. The Samurai Workshop cannot be held accountable for possible mistakes in this information.
3) Products of The Samurai Workshop are - with some exceptions - fully hand-made. It is very possible that individual products will differ. This may occur with - but not excluded by - specifications, measurements, color, spacing, pattern and fitting.
4) During the ordering of products through the website, the client is provided with information applicable to the ordering process. It may be that some information is made available on a different location on the website but not explicitly provided during the ordering process. Offerings on our website, offerings will be contain the following information.
- Price including applicable taxes
- Optional costs for delivery (shipping costs)
- Documentation with each step of the ordering process
- Options the client has for payment, delivery and to supply additional information
- Email confirmation of your order containing the purchase overview and contact information
5) In a working environment, it may occur that some information published is incorrect or incomplete. Upon logical doubt about the offering, the client is responsible for verifying the information with the selling party. The Samurai
6) Specifications, product descriptions and images are subject to change without any prior notice.
7) The Samurai Workshop holds the right to apply price increases or decreases at any time. The difference between the old and the new price cannot be claimed nor restituted.
8) The Samurai Workshop holds the right to cancel orders at any given time.



5. Ordering

1) For the purchase of weaponry, a minimum age of 18 years is required.
2) The Samurai Workshop holds the right to cancel your order at any given time upon suspicion of fraud, irresponsible behavior or illegal use.
3) Products offered are included with a European Value-added-tax (VAT) of 21% or 6%. Products delivered directly from non-EU 3rd parties are untaxed. In this case, the client is responsible to paying possible tax and import duties.
4) The prices on our website do not including shipping costs. These are calculated during the checkout of your order.
5) Shipping costs are included with 21% European VAT.



6. Returns and cancellations

1) Returned goods must be in exactly the same state as when the goods were received. Return shipments need to be approved by The Samurai Workshop. All unannounced reception goods are automatically refused upon delivery.
2) With the purchase of products, the client has the right to cancel the purchase agreement within 14 days without any specific reason. This cool-down period starts the day upon receiving the order.
3) Should the client want to use the right of return, he should notify The Samurai Workshop in writing within the 14 days after receiving the product. After confirmation of the return shipment by The Samurai Workshop, the client must ship the product back within 14 days. The client will need to prove the products are shipped and shipped within the agreed period (proof of shipping).
4) During this cool-down period, the client will handle the purchased product and packing with the greatest of care. Unpacking of the product shall be done carefully and just enough to determine whether the client wishes to keep it. In case of being return, the client shall - where possible - return the product in original state and packing to The Samurai Workshop, conform the instructions supplied by The Samurai Workshop.
5) Should the client haven't notified the wish to return a product within 14 days then the purchase is final.



7. Costs in case of returned goods

1) When returning goods to The Samurai Workshop, the client is responsible for the costs of return. These costs will be deduced from the amount paid by the client.
2) If the client has paid for the goods, the credited amount shall be refunded as soon as possible with a maximum of 30 days after receiving the return shipment.
3) If goods are received in an opened, used, damaged or unsellable state, and can be attributed to the actions of the client, costs for replacement or repair will be deducted from the credited amount.



8. Exceptions to the right of return

1) Products exempted from any right of return are
a) special actions, discounted products or stock clean-up products;
b) all products custom-made or altered specifically to the wishes of the client;
c) consumable products;
d) products which are delivered through a 3rd party.
2) Services of which the process has already started before the ending of the cool-down period of 14 days.



9. Deliveries of products and services

1) The delivery of the order will be at the address information supplied by the client. The client is solely responsible to supply The Samurai Workshop with a properly recipient, address and phone number. In case of erroneous, incomplete or double information, the information last submitted before the actual shipment shall be used.
2) In case that a product appears not available, The Samurai Workshop will make efforts to offer a replacement product to the client. The client will receive a notification prior to shipping of the product. The cool-down regulation will continue with any replaced items.
3) The risk of deliveries without insurance lies with The Samurai Workshop unless agreed otherwise, from the moment of shipping until the moment of delivery at the supplied address.
4) The Samurai Workshop shall process accepted orders with reasonable urgency, though within a period of 30 days, unless a different delivery time has been agreed with the client. Should the order be delayed, split up in delivery, the client shall be notified within 30 days. In this case the client has a right to cancel his order without costs and has the right to negotiate a possible compensation. Services, commissions, custom made products with specific delivery agreements are automatically exempted from this clause.



10. Payment

1) Unless stated otherwise, products need to be fully paid in advance before shipping.
2) The Samurai Workshop can stipulate for a down payment of 50% before accepting the order, and the remaining total before shipment. Examples are services, altered or customized products or products with a delayed delivery, upon stipulation of a down payment, the client hold no consumer rights until the initial down payment has been made.
3) The client is responsible to notify The Samurai Workshop for any erroneous information supplied concerning the client's order.
4) In case of the client fails to uphold the payment agreement, The Samurai Workshop holds the right to charge the costs that were made.


11. Complaints & disputes

1) Complaints explicitly need to be sent to The Samurai Workshop through email.
2) Complaints need to be made within a reasonable period of time and described in a clear and complete manner after the client has discovered the issues.
3) The Samurai Workshop shall respond to complaints within 14 days, the complaint's emails reception date as a starting date.
4) Disputes between The Samurai Workshop and the client shall be handled strictly under Dutch law.





12. General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP)

1) By placing your order, you automatically agree with the use of the supplied information solely for processing your order
2) The Samurai Workshop only sends email for order confirmation. We do not send out emails for promotional purpose.
3) No other information is saved besides the exact information that is filled in the account creation. Passwords are saved encryped in the database. 
4) Each data insight request or data deletion removal request shall be processed on a one-by-one basis. Contact us for to initiate such requests or any other requests related to security and privacy.