The Samurai Workshop will hold a lecture about the Japanese sword and Swordsmanship at Jinenkan Mononofu Dojo.



Behold! The new generation of production swords. T10 Choji with Sashikomi polish.


The first test shots with my new 'floating' sword stand. Such techniques are used to photograph Japanese koshirae for books, magazines and catalogues


The katanakake ?? is a single or double rack usually found at the outside left of a tea house entrance to hold the swords of warriors. Part of the code of the tea cult was that the tea ceremony was a place where, ideally at least, the cares..., disputes, and hostilities of the outside world were momentarily forgotten. Thus, even warriors left their weapons outside. Large two-tiered stones *katanakake-ishi ???, were often placed below the katanakake to make them easy to reach.


Guess I'll have another book to read....


First samples available: DIY tsuba blanks with precut nakago and hitsu ana. They're made from mild steel and easy to file, saw or carve! Ideal for sukashi or kiri bori tsuba. All are 80 mm high and 3 mm thick.


I advise people to buy the best suitable sword to improve their training.
I keep in mind their school, physical aspects, level of training, shortcomings and talents.
I sense their identity and spirit so the body will extend with their new sword.

Then it hit me... a damn dating agency for samurai?

- the samurai matchmaker -