Samurai Suburi Watch

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You've been pranked!

Happy 2014 April's Fools!

Don't you find it annoying when you're doing your suburi practice cuts and you lose track after 300 or so? We at the Samurai Workshop are proud to announce the latest innovation in Japanese swordsmanship training. Introducing the Samurai Suburi Watch.

After performing 2014 suburi strikes during the Kochōkai - 蝴蝶会 Hatsu keiko events we came up with the idea of creating a automatic suburi counting accessory.
This luxury samurai watch is made of Genuine Japanese Tamahagane steel and is equipped with the state of the art technologies such as a step meter, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, G-sensor and Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless connectivity.

Through the available app for Android or iPhone you can draw statistics from your Samurai Suburi Watch and share it with your friends. Coming soon in limited availability, pre-order now!


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