Okuden Black Tiger - T10 Katana

€ 800.00

Black Tiger; Martial Arts Grade Cutting Katana

The darkened sword theme is accented by the silver colored menuki and fuchi/kashira featuring a Tiger stalking its prey.

The Black Tiger Katana is part of the Okuden collection from Kaneie, sword designed for Japanese swordsmanship practitioners looking for a traditional blade. The blade is differentially hardened T10, hand polished in the traditional manner to a utilitarian martial arts polish. This level of polish skips the very costly last steps in performing a full art polish. The result is a blade and edge well suited to cutting practice on a variety of traditional targets.

Important information:
This is a sword specially designed for CAS Iberia. Due to our partnership, these models are also available through The Samurai Workshop but will only be ordered upon request. Delivery time can take up to 2 weeks.


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