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Higo Tora 2.6 shaku

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Often people wonder how a Japanese sword would look like when the traditional forging techniques were to be combined with modern technology.
The Higo Tora katana is a perfect combination of traditional and modern techniques. The used 1095 carbon steel feels incredibly nice. The blade feels very rigid, like nihonto made from traditional Tamahagane steel. The Higo Tora katana comes really close to the perfectly balanced sword. The full hi creates a clear and distinct whistle, and will sound like music to a sword lovers / martial artists' ear!

The traditional clay quenching has given the mono steel a true notare hamon. The swords' hamon was also given a traditional hadori polish to bring out a gorgeous crystal-white color. The koshirae has the theme of the tiger (tora); a smbol of power, flexibility and courage.

The blade length (nagasa) has the impressive length of 79cm which is 2.6 shaku in Japanese terms. This length is only suitable for people taller than 1.80 cm or very experienced swordmen.


Type de sabreKatana shinken (sharp)
Durcissement de l'acierDifferential clay hardened (water)
Type d'acierAISI 1095
PolissageKeshi hadori
Gomtrie de la lameShinogi zukuri
Type de bo-hiSingle
TsubaTora ijzer
Fuchi / kashiraZilver
Mekugi (goupille de bambou)2x
Tsuka-itoJapans silk
Sageo (cordelette sur le fourreau)Japanese rayon silk
Samegawa (peau de raie)White
Koiguchi / koijiriBuffalo horn
Longueur nagasa79cm (2.6 shaku)


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