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Kuro Kinko Tamahagane katana no sendan maki saya

€ 2,900.00


This very special sword is a true tribute to the Japanese sword. In steel, fittings, mounting quality and overall harmony. The theme consists of three main colors: shiro, kuro and kin-iro; white, black and gold. Simple and elegant!

The sword could have been used during the Tokugawa reign where such fittings were indeed quite common. The black & white samegawa (rayskin) combined with the black lacquered, rattan wrapped saya (kuro sendan saya) are elements which owari koshirae is famous for.

The steel has been made in a bloomery with iron sand and charcoal. The traditional folding has created a steel pattern that we know as hada. The hada in this blade resembles a fairly large wood pattern. For this reason we name this specific detail: o-mokume hada (big wood folding lines).
Another detail that adds to the three color theme is the unique two sided silk aya-ori sageo.


Type de sabreKatana shinken (sharp)
Durcissement de l'acierDifferential clay hardened (water)
Type d'acierTamahagane
PolissageKeshi hadori
Gomtrie de la lameShinogi zukuri
TsubaLacquered brass with gold paint
Fuchi / kashiraLacquered brass with gold paint
MenukiBrass skull
Mekugi (goupille de bambou)2x
Sageo (cordelette sur le fourreau)Japanese silk
Samegawa (peau de raie)White
Koiguchi / koijiriBuffalo horn
Longueur nagasa2.4 shaku (72 cm)
Motohaba32.16 mm
Sakihaba23.41 mm
Motokasane7.09 mm
Sakikasane4.31 mm
Poids (sans saya)1100 g
Type de sayaKuroro nuri sendan maki saya


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