Waterwheel iaito katana - Kuro higo non-sharp

€ 400.00
€ 375.00

The 'Waterwheel' katana is a new budget line iaito which has been developed specifically for starting students.
The sword has been mounted in typical higo koshirae, which indicates that the handle has a specific shape and that the pommel is in that typical rounded higo shape.

The blade has been specifically designed to create a lightweight and 'passive character'. Among experienced swordsmen, the term "passive character" is used to describe a point of balance that's rather close to the tsuba. This allows for easy control without the sword wanting to 'move forward' all the time.

Purchasing your first sword is extremely difficult. Since - as a starting student - you lack the sword hours and you'll not be able to sense what your ideal sword would even look like. Balance, weight, handle length and shape are things that experienced swordsmen all take in account when deciding on a new sword.

From experience we know that almost none of the advanced students are still training with their first iaito. All seem to have out grown the sword they initially purchased. In that regards, a cheaper solution to get through the first years of training can be a very smart choice.

Blade geometry, mounting quality and the overall shape and balance are the most imortant things when it comes to a Japanese sword that will be used for training. This means that the first few hundreds are absolutely crucial to the quality of the product and that it's extremely difficult to make a basic sword without giving in on quality.

However it seems that this project has been successful and the first stainless iaito have reached our shop.
If you're looking for a first iaito and don't want to spend a whole lot, look no further! :)
Length / nagasa


Type de sabreIaito daito (unsharpened)
Type d'acierStainless
Gomtrie de la lameShinogi zukuri
Type de bo-hiSingle
TsubaSteel maru gata - waterwheel
Fuchi / kashiraHigo yama-no-michi
MenukiNamazu catfish
Mekugi (goupille de bambou)2x
Tsuka-itoSynthetic silk
Samegawa (peau de raie)White
Koiguchi / koijiriBuffalo horn
Poids (sans saya)900-950g
Type de sayaKuroishime black matte


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