The Samurai Workshop
Batto Wakizashi Musashino (black)

€ 249.00

The Batto Wakizashi have been secretly in development for the last year and - similar to their big brothers - the wakizashi are too a direct copy of an antique sword. Since they use the same fittings to allow people to wear a matching daisho (sword set, big & small).

Compared to other production wakizashi, the TSW Batto Wakizashi do have a proper, traditional geometry and have a sheath end that is in so-called maru sayajiri which is found on many Edo era wakizashi.

The effective blade length measures 38.5 cm while the tsuka is around 13 cm. Without the sheath the short sword weighs 520 grams which is pretty much spot on in terms of tradition.

To sum up why these are perfect for dojo use:
- Extremely hard and forgiving high carbon 9260 spring steel blade
- Authentic geometry
- Timeless Higo koshirae
- Proper tsukamaki wrap (with hishigami)
- Dojo grade daisho for a bargain


Zwaard typeWakizashi
Hardingsproces staalVolledige harding (water)
StaalsoortAISI 9260
Blad geometrieShinogi zukuri
Fuchi / kashiraBlackened brass
Mekugi (bamboe veiligheidspin)1x
Tsuka-itoJapans katoen
Samegawa (roggehuid)Zwart
Koiguchi / koijiriSaya-jiri
Nagasa lengte (snijblad)38.5 cm
Tsuka lengte (handvat)13 cm
Gewicht (zonder saya)520 g
Saya typeKuroro (glossy black)


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