Sword maintenance kit

€ 25.00

High quality Original Japanese sword maintenance kit, in cartboard box. Without brass hammer.

Including the following items:
- large uchiko ball with handle
- bottle choji oil
- nugui rice paper (to clean the blade)
- flannel sheet in case (to spread the oil)

The maintenance kits offered by The Samurai Workshop only contain genuine Japanese uchiko powder. This powder is made of grinded parts of the uchigumori stone, which is the stone used in the finalizing aesthetic (shiage) polish.

All of the sword kits that are made in China contain talc powder! While you may call the sword 'your baby' talc powder ISN'T good for the sword :)
Also standard Chinese sword oil / grease is much too high in viscosity, the oil will stick to your saya and start attracting dust and moist. Bad for the saya, bad for the blade.


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