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Menkyo Tora Choji katana bo-hi 2.6 shaku

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There's something about choji...

We are still not sure whether this sword is meant as martial arts training equipment or purely as a decorational object. Perhaps it is too beautiful to be used as a tool but the sword has forged and quenched to be used as such.

With a nagasa sword length of 2.6 shaku (79 cm), the monosteel T10 Menkyo Tora Choji katana is an impressive appearance. Historically speaking, sword of this length were used to intimidate the opponent as well as giving a benefit of a great cutting range. Nowadays in the Western world, 2.6 shaku are quite common as this is a sword length used by people of 1.90 m in several iaido ryuha.

The sword koshirae has been fully kept in the tiger (tora) theme. The main colors are black, white and silver which really gives the sword a traditional yet 'less is more' appearance.
The sword mounting is in co-called higo theme with a tapered handle and rounded kashira. The wrapping is done with genuine Japanese silk, which is by the way also the country of origin for the fittings such as the fuchi/kashira, menuki and tsuba.

Last but not least, the steel! The Menkyo Tora Choji has - as the name indicates - a gorgeous hamon in choji midare style. The old sword masters felt that the bumps in the hamon resemble the flower buds of a clove plant. Hence this style of hamon is referred to as choji. Also this hamon has been finished in kesho hadori polishing style which is recognizable by the crystal white color of the hardened part of the sword blade.

The shinogi zukuri sugata has a single bo-hi to lighten the blade. An important feature in the bo-hi is the symmetry between the two sides but also the termination. Have a look at the picture that shows the tip and drool away with the crisp and sharp bo-hi ending.


Tipo de espadaKatana shinken (sharp)
Ao temperadoDifferential clay hardened (water)
Tipo de aoT10
PolidaKeshi hadori
HamonChoji midare
Geometria da lminaShinogi zukuri
Bo-hi typeSingle
TsubaSteel tiger
Fuchi / kashiraSilver tiger
MenukiBrass Shishi
Mekugi (pino de bambu que prende a lmina)2x
Tsuka-itoJapans silk
Sageo (encordamento)Japanese rayon silk
Samegawa (couro de arraia)White
Koiguchi / koijiriBuffalo horn
Nagasa (comprimento da lmina)2.6 shaku (79 cm)
Comprimento da tsuka26.5 cm
Peso (sem saya)1140g
Tipo de sayaKuro ishime


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