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Wild Tiger

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This excellent sword made by the Kaneie forge shows a lot of the traditional visual aspects only found in antique Japanese swords.

Although the use of Japanese made Tamahagane is impossible, the used steel has went through the same blooming process as the Japanese jewel steel. A distinct but not acid-etched or pattern welded hada pattern can be seen. The steel has received a traditional Kesho or hadori polish to create the crystal white gunome midare hamon.

But the thing what really makes this blade special is the koshirae.
This specific carving style is called 'katakiri-bori' and is usually never found on modern pieces. The complete koshirae is made in silver in Tora (tiger) style.

The model for sale has Japanese black silk tsuka ito (handle wrap).


TsubaSilver Tora
Fuchi / kashiraSilver Tora
Nagasa (comprimento da lmina)2.4 shaku (+/- 74 cm)


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