Tamahagane Royal Chrysanthemum

€ 2,100.00

The Samurai Sword - Weapon or Art? It is the culmination of both these ideals that makes the Japanese katana so unique.

One of the defining characteristics of the Japanese sword is that of the grain pattern or hada present in the steel. Hada is the result of multiple foldings of steel from the traditional smelting furnace, the tatara. All of these functions were necessary to remove the impurities present in the steel available to the smiths of old. Today it is purely tradition, and towards this tradition lies Kaneie's Unokubi-Zukuri styled katana.

Meticulously hand forged, folded and laminated from smelted iron sand the Tamahagane collection is the most traditional swords available from Kaneie. The blades are stone polished in the modern kesho hadori style, bringing out all the fine details in the steel grain and natural clay hardened hamon.

This blade, in the Unokubi Zukuri blade shape is exceptionally well balanced and you immediately get the feeling of a living sword during handling. The tired, old cliches of 'extension of your arm' etc. ring true in this case.

The Fuchi and Kashira are in the style of the Chrysanthemum blossom, symbol of the Japanese royal family. The menuki are two shi-shi dogs, a traditional symbol of protection.

The handle is carved in the Haichi style for a comfortable grip then wrapped in premium Japanese Silk. The saya is lacquered in an understated style that is easy to maintain.

Important information:
This is a sword specially designed for CAS Iberia. Due to our partnership, these models are also available through The Samurai Workshop but will only be ordered upon request. Delivery time can take up to 2 weeks.


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