Antique Edo period koi & water theme

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Beautiful old unsigned copper katana tsuba with koi theme.

The tsuba measures 76 x 77 mm and is about 4mm thick. Due to its light weight it's perfectly suitable for your training sword. The copper material shows light oxidation but the carvings are still in very good state. The mimi (rim) of the tsuba show slight yasuri markings of the original workmanship.

The legend of the koi is one of the most famous stories in Japanese lore.
A koi decided one day that he wanted to jump up the waterfall. He tried and tried but failed with every attempt. Despite this, he never gave up trying which has gotten the attention of a dragon. The dragon laughed at his attemps and called him foolish and said to give up his cause, since he was just a fish.

After a life-time of trying constant trying, the koi finally succeeded in jumping the waterfall. The impressed dragon dragon rewarded the koi with eternal life. As the koi jumped the waterfall, the dragon transformed the koi into a a waterdragon. The ama-ryu then jumped into the clouds in his new form.

This hidden transmission of this legend is to never stop trying to achieve your dreams as persistency is rewarded by the gods.


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