Steel Nakago dummy (40cm)

€ 40.00

As an evangelist of the Japanese sword making tradition, this is a really big moment for me. Often I joke around that I should open a sword making 'Home depot' for all aspiring craftsmen to purchase their tools and materials. Thing is, either you become used to making or adapting your tools, or you don't have what it takes to be in the sword making business...and I believe that's a shame!

Have a look at this steel nakago (tang). This Japanese sword tang shaped piece of steel is used to hold the tsuka when wrapping it. For me, it was impossible for me to come by 6 years ago and I ended up sawing an old sword in half to make mine.

Ladies and gentlemen tsukamaki-shi, meet the 'tsukamaki-dai no gane' also known in Japan as a sashigane or straight iron!

They measure 40cm which should be enough for most tsuka.
To avoid expensive shipping international costs, we tried to stay close to the maximum shipping dimensions. Traditionally they would be a bit longer but with several existing designs for modern tsukamaki stands, 40cm should be more than enough.

Very important side notes:
1) A rather interesting thing is that these pieces of 9260 steel are very much suitable for knife and sword making. With very little effort you could make a tanto through stock removal. The steel can be annealed and rehardened. Now, have I sparked your interest?

2) Note that the steel in the picture was given an elaborate yasuri file mark pattern. Took me an hour of extensive labour The sold items are a bit rougher.

3) You will still need to make an actual stand (dai) to fully utilize this tsukamaki-dai no gane but I'm working on some digital design files to make it all a bit easier for you! More info will follow soon.


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