Choji sword oil - 75 ml

€ 15.00

While in theory, most light oils would be suitable to protect steel from being oxidized, the delicate Japanese sword mounting requires just a bit more.
If the oil is too viscous, it will attract dust which will again attract moist.
Should you apply too much oil on the blade, it will leak down into the habaki and saturate the wood causing rust and wood rot.

In Japanese sword tradition a very specific type of oil is used. Choji oil is an extremely light and low-viscous mineral oil with a small amount of clove (choji). Besides being used as sword oil, it's also used to polish and protect metal tools. Some examples would be armors, mempo (facial masks), kabuto (helmets) but also porcelain, bonsai dishes and sword fittings.

This home-brewn choji oil has a very light structure which allows easy spreading over the blade. Optionally it is possible to wipe of excess oil from the blade with a sheet of washi paper.

Young steel (up to one year old) requires more often oiling to prevent rust spots. For older swords, 2 or 3 times a year should be sufficient depending on the type of use and local humidity.

In theory the oil doesn't have an expiration date though the color and scent will change over time. 


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