High quality sageo

€ 22.00
€ 15.00

This Japanese rayon silk sageo is woven in traditional shugeuchi style.
Where sageo according to Japanese tradition often have a length of 6 shaku (180 cm) we have decided to make our sageo just a bit longer.

The sageo now has a length of 220 cm* which is received very well by a lot of martial artists.

The sageo has numerous functions of which the most important the fastening of the sword to your hakama.

Another function is the tying of the sleeves of the sleeves which is called tsuki-sabaki. The wide sleeves of a keikogi or kimono can easily \'get in the way\' during a duel (or training). To prevent this the sageo is tied in a figure eight shape around the shoulders.

The last example is the tying of prisoners. These techniques are even trained nowadays in certain (ju-jutsu) schools. Extremly fun for the practitioner, less fun for your training partner :)

* the blue/white sageo is still is the previous length of +/- 200 cm


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