Tokugawa Ieyasu Yoroi Samurai Armor

€ 4,200.00
€ 3,200.00


- Fully traditionally made according to multi layer lamination technique
- 100% hand made
- 24K Gold plated Tokugawa mon maedate
- Signed in kanji by the craftsman
- Including stand and amour box
- Free shipping

Even to this day, the art of making samurai armors is still alive in Japan. Many replica armors are nowadays made in China which does not necessary have to be bad, however they often use simplified and practical techniques which definitely have their impact in the aesthetics.

This armor is fully made according to the ancient tradition. Perfection through a 1000 year old tradition.

About Tokugawa Ieyasu
Tokugawa Ieyasu might not ring a bell for some but in short he was one of the three pillars of the longest periods of peace in feudal Japan. Without going too much into details, the story of Ieyasu - a life-time filled with political and samurai warfare - can be summarized with the saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

The Tokugawa jidai (also known as Edo period) was a long period of peace, wealth and personal development. However, the growth and wealth of Japan came with a price of international trade restrictions, seclusion and eradication of foreign religions and a strict social order in which samurai played a big role.

For (sword) artisans this period was the renaissance of the Japanese sword. Daisho became the standard samurai equipment and commoners were only allowed to wear wakizashi or smaller. Katana-sized swords were only permitted for the samurai class and had heavy regulations on how the sword should look.

Since the wakizashi koshirae regulation did not apply to normal citizens, many chose to show their wealth through this. Flamboyant and out-of-the-ordinary Edo koshirae on wakizashi and tanto are often made in Edo peiod.
In addition, as a rule of thumb; extremely flashy katana koshirae are most likely to be made in the preceding period; Azuchi–Momoyama jidai.

The armor in the picture is a replica of Tokugawa Ieyasyu's Gusoku armor which distinctive shape was the inspiration for Darth Vader's helmet. The original armor as displayed in Higo Castle is lacquered in Kin Tamenuri urushi which is a sheet gold lamination technique.

This replica may not be 24K coated (but the head crest is) but still is one of the nicest armors we have ever seen.

It’s can be shipped immediately from our stock in The Netherlands and is including stand and box.


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