Friends of The Samurai Workshop

We are extremely lucky to be surrounded by kind and talented people who share one passion: learning about the crafts of the Japanese sword.
Sword makers, sword furniture makers and many more never stop amazing us with their skills. Please get to know them a bit better; we're sure you'll be amazed too!




Arjan F. Tervoort is owner of, a supplier of custom made wooden weaponry as well as the founder of Kochokai; the only true budokan dojo (walk-in dojo) in the Netherlands. Highly skilled in different bujutsu, aikido and the Japanese martial arts culture. Arjan's knowledge is highly praised by The Samurai Workshop as he often functions as technical advisor.
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Ford Hallam is one of the few artists to have fully adopted the Japanese way of the iron brush and is considered the leading authoririty on sword furniture.
His witty personality and jaw-dropping skills have gained recognition in Japan as well as the rest of the world. A true artist in every sense of the word. Ford is also the main pillar in the survival of the art through his openness in sharing his knowledge.
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Furiku Sho is the artist behind the phenomenon and is specialized in hand-made leather tsuba for your bokuto. The designs of his work vary from traditional Japanese kamon to detailed hand-carved depictions of bamboo, ume flowers and o-nami waves.
The Samurai Workshop is collaborating with for the upcoming koiguchi-kun (saya protector).

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Hans & Sumire Koga are the friendly couple behind 古賀美術 Koga-Bijutsu, a traditionally schooled, small family company specialized in koshirae restoration, tsukamaki and nihonto and book translation. Excellent work but more important, amazing people. Friends, teachers and true followers of the path of the Japanese sword!

Visit their Facebook page for more of their amazing work.

Josh Marlan of Cottontail customs is a highly skilled sword mounter based in the US. Whether you wish to customize or restore a nihonto, a modern Japanese sword or even a contemporary sword; Josh is your guy.
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Lorenzo Amati is a promising Italian tosogushi following the path of the iron brush. By using strictly authentic materials and techniques 'Renzo' creates beautiful traditional pieces yet definitely suitable for practical use. In 2011, Lorenzo submitted two (different) utsushi tsuba to the NBSK and NBTHK shinsaku meitoten. Both got awarded the Nyuusen status.
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Marcus Chamber is an experienced jeweler who has been introduced only a few years back to the world of Japanese metalworking through Ford Hallam and Patrick Hastings. Marcus has a natural feeling for compositions which give his work a beautiful, romantic and very unique flavor.
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Martin Hornak is a Slovakian togishi currently based in Ireland. To polish a Japanese sword is a journey for a life-time. Togishi should polish each sword the way the sword smith intended it instead of what they favour. This requires many years and maybe even decades of study.
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Roman Urban is an upcoming tosogushi from the Czech republic. While only being active for some years, the work he puts down is stunning.
In 2013 Roman plans to continue his studies with the well-known masters Ford Hallam and Patrick Hastings. Also he will join other tosogushi in the Nihonto Bunka Shinko Kyokai (NBSK) exhibition held in Tokyo, Japan.
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Ron Chen, son of Paul Chen - master sword smith and founder of Hanwei Swords, picked up the forging hammer at a very early age. With currently 10 years of forging experience under his belt, he does not only focus on the Japanese sword tradition but is extremely skilled in several swords styles as well.

Ron has studied in Japan with legendary mukansa sword smith Yoshindo Yoshihara and is currently setting up his own forge based out of Taipei in Taiwan.
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Tom Takahashi of Takatom Customs is an extremely talent all-round sword customizer and tsuba maker working out of Denmark. His skills are 100% self-taught and whatever he doesn't know, he's willing to learn. Tom's a clever (up the the level of being a smart-ass), creative and above all a nice person to work with.

Visit his facebook page to get in touch with him for comissions

Takashi Iiyama or Iiyama-sensei as how I refer to him is a master tsukamakishi (handle wrapper).
He is highly skilled in numerous methods of tsukamaki as well as expert when it comes to Japanese sword mounting and furniture. His openness in passing on his knowledge are admirable and inspirational.
Visit his website for some amazing pictures of his work