Kurin Swords

With 20 years of experience, traditionally schooled craftsmen, Japanese imported materials and a unique sword geometry, Kurin swords represents the absolute top of the modern made Japanese martial arts swords. 
The swords are loved and used on daily basis by thousands of followers of traditional swordsmanship schools. Our clients are students and teachers from iaido schools under the Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei flag (Muso shinden ryu, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, Shinkage Ryu) as well as koryu schools such as Tenshinshoden Katori Shinto Ryu, Yagyu Shinkageryu, Hoki Ryu, Hohyo Niten Ichi ryu and many more.


Unlike most Chinese production swords, Kurin swords are specifically designed for authentic Japanese swordsmanship arts. During training, you will experience the importance of a good tachikaze (sword sound), balance and geometry.


As a practitioner and experienced sword restorer we can safely say that the overall sword quality is of an exceptionally high level.
Very little sword forges have the knowledge and capability to produce swords that are suitable for Japanese swordsmanship training so this is exactly where the forge puts most efforts.

Japanese manufacturers of training equipment are obliged to work with cast zinc/aluminum to make their training weapons, whereas genuine Japanese swords are exclusively made of (tamahagane) steel.
Zinc/aluminum alloys can feel too flexible and wobbly (especially with swords in Western lengths) and steel will offer you a better representation of the Japanese sword in terms of rigidness and stability.

To ensure the stability and consistency that are needed for training swords, the forge only works with industrial grade carbon steel. 

Unsharp training swords are made of stainless steel alloy (non-brittle) with high quality wirebrushed hamon. The idea behind these swords is to recreate a training weapon that feels nearly identical to the (differentially hardened) sharp swords.

The Kurin shinken are made of T10 tool steel. This steel is extremely tough and is very identical compared to Tamahagane, having a carbon content between 0.9 and 1.1%.

Because of this similarity, the swords can be traditionally polished using the exact same stones as that are used for polishing Japanese antique swords. The result is a high contrast in the sword blade with a darkened hiraji and a light and vivid white hamon.


Some key features of Kurin swords are:
- Steel tsuba
- Brass habaki, fuchi, kashira and menuki (silver plated with certain models)
- Genuine rayskin
- Japanese imported tsuka-ito
- Use of hishigami under the handle wrap

- Tsuka/nagasa (handle, blade length) ratio is according to Japanese sword tradition


The Samurai Workshop also offers complementary unique customizations to the Kurin iaito and shinken.