The Workshop

Repair, restoration and and customization

Welcome to the heart and soul of The Samurai Workshop!
Swords are tools and after extensive use, every tool will start showing signs of wear. The Samurai Workshop is a renowned restorer and sword customizer of Japanese swords with a proven track record.

With over 800 years of history, there are hundreds of details in a Japanese sword that make it a quality sword, or simply a bad look-a-like. We support starting craftsmen and people who enjoy working on swords.
However if you prefer to spend your efforts on training instead, you are more than welcome to use our sword services.

The Samurai Workshop almost exclusively relies on authentic techniques and materials. With close ties to Japanese craftsmen and craftsmen all over the world we have many talented people in our network to be able help you with almost every sword related question you can think of. Please have a look at a few projects that we have completed over the last few years.

Our services include:
- Overall repairs and checkups for training swords for safety
- Tsukamaki (handle wrapping) in a wide variety of authentic styles and materials
- Carving, reshaping and repair of tsuka handle core.
- Placement, wrapping, repair and lacquering of samegawa rayskin
- Habaki making, restoration and decoration
- Shirasaya resting scabbards of traditional honoki wood
- Nurisaya including repair with rattan or rayskin, replacement of horn or metal ornaments, lacquering
- Restoration of (modern) gold and silverplated sword fittings through galvano plating
- Polishing of modern and antique swords (in cooperation with a traditional togishi sword polisher)
- Custom sword fittings (in cooperation with several tosogushi and kinkoshi sword furniture artisans)

Should you have any questions or special wishes, don't hesitate to contact us.

Workshop pricelist

Repair, restoration and and customization

Hineri maki
Katana - 250 euro *
 Wakizashi - 200 euro *
 Tanto - 200 euro *
Alternative maki (katate maki, tsumami maki etc)
contact us
Reshape of tsuka (in ruygo)
35 euro
* prices include Japanese cotton tsuka-ito
Tsuka (custom made) **
180 euro (w/o same)
Tsuka shortening
- including shortening of nakago / tang **
75 euro

Application of samegawa panels
20 euro (w/o same)
Application of samegawa wrap
35 euro (w/o same)
Samegawa panels
starting at 35 euro
Samegawa for full wrap
starting at 65 euro
Habaki basic (copper / brass) **
200 euro
** to make these items, we always require the full blade
Replacement / adding seppa (rattling tsuba)
- including brass / copper seppa
15 euro

Reparatie loose saya / koiguchi
25 euro
Replacement of mekugi
10 euro
Repair of loose tsuka (not always possible)
35 euro
Blunting the cutting edge
35 euro
Kuro ishime saya (black matte) ***
starting at 85 euro
Cha ishime saya (brown matte) ***
starting at 85 euro
Seppa ***
starting at 2 euro
standard hour rate repairs25 euro
*** these parts are not custom made but often need minor alteration for a perfect fit. Fot more information, please contact us.

Price are including 21% VAT but without shipping costs..
Shipping costs within the Netherlands are usually 2x 7.50 euro for small packages and 2x 10 euro for swords.
Contact us for international shipping rates